The Italians don’t seem to care, so why should we?


Linkato da Internazionale, un post internazionale basato sull’intervista di Nadia Macrì. Cose che chi si informa sa già, anche se viste con gli occhi dei vicini fanno peggio. E, per rinvigorire l’ulcera, uno sguardo ai commenti. Eccone alcuni:

#This man never ceases to amaze. Sometimes I try to imagine what would happen if Barack Obama (or any president) were involved in similar antics.

#This is like the millionth story to come out about Berlusconi and his sex parties. The Italians don’t seem to care, so why should we?

#Condolences to Italians around the globe, if I were one of you I would be so embarrassed of all the bullshit that surrounds this horrible man, sigh.

#Oh, if only Bill Clinton had been born Italian.

#Oh, god, gross. I keep hearing about how Italians generally hate this guy, but why has he been in power for so long, then?

#So basically, if I want to do a head of state, Berlusconi is the easiest?

#The fact that Berlusconi gets more pussy than I do is depressing.

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